FCC Benin winners halfway through their innovation journey


Innovation and learning at the premiere GDC event
Getting rid of cash, digitizing last-mile distribution of PAYG solar!
D2D Pro: Extending & innovating our last-mile distribution work in Naija!
Creative business models to bridge the digital divide
Gluten free cassava flour for low income market
Building a bond of trust with the customers
Tessa Fij
New video online! D2D Pro on selling PAYG solar in Naija!!
EcoGroup, the new way of cooking for Ugandans!
Tessa Fij
D2D Pro: Lessons learned selling PAYG solar via FMCG sales agents.
Business opportunities for improving Nutrition at the BoP
Test and taste your assumptions: developing business solutions for post-harvest losses
Our expertise in Last Mile Distribution
Mastering Marketing to Low Income Consumers
Lotte-Marie Brouwer
D2D Pro: Advancing door-to-door agents with PAYG solar!
From talking to doing: How Blockchain technology could strengthen emerging markets
Hardik Parmar
Building a community of Virtual Reality enthusiasts in Africa to find innovative ways to solve problems in this continent
How can the Dutch Agro Food Sector Better Engage to Feed the Growing Cities of Emerging Economies?
Travel log: A trip to kick-off Sensemaker research in Benin
Valeria Varga
Exploring New Territories for Virtual Reality
Marcus Wassén
So you have an innovation for low-income markets...
Gerwin Jansen
MIT and BoPInc – Annual meeting at MIT D-Lab!
Nai Kalema, MIT D-Lab and Saida Benhayoune, D-Lab Scale-Ups Program Director
Do you want to set up a challenge? Best practices from the Food Connection Challenge


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