Travel log: A trip to kick-off Sensemaker research in Benin
Valeria Varga
Exploring New Territories for Virtual Reality
Marcus Wassén
So you have an innovation for low-income markets...
Gerwin Jansen
MIT and BoPInc – Annual meeting at MIT D-Lab!
Nai Kalema, MIT D-Lab and Saida Benhayoune, D-Lab Scale-Ups Program Director
Do you want to set up a challenge? Best practices from the Food Connection Challenge
A review of 2016 as an IBA Certified Advisor
Nick van der Velde

By Nick van der Velde

Mapping Competitors: A Visual Approach
Nick van der Velde
Natural Juice, Lower Prices and Delivery at BoP Consumers' Doorsteps: IRA Juice!
Rosanna Martucci
Nyakatonzi is Getting Started on a New Product Portfolio
Nick van der Velde
Making ‘Noise’ to Reach the BoP Consumer
Kwame Ntim Pipim
Introducing Novos Horizontes: Inclusive Agribusiness in Mozambique
Janet Macharia
Inclusive Innovation - Expanding, discovering and sharing in 2016
Trisha Clauson & Gerwin Jansen
Marketing & Distribution - Creating steam in 2016
Emile Schmitz & Nick van der Velde
IB Empowerment - Achievements and learnings in 2016
Mayke Harding
How we use virtual reality for inclusive business
Gerwin Jansen
‘Toolifying’ inclusive business support services
By Benjamin van der Hist
Professionalizing Inclusive Business Development Services
By Mayke Harding
“Corporate impact venturing is a profitable investment”
Niek van Dijk
First off-grid, biogas-powered milk chiller introduced
Written by Nick van der Velde and Rachid Belkhir
The Launch of Inganci TomBrown: A popular porridge in Nigeria
The relevance of multinationals for inclusive business ventures
Niek van Dijk
Applying BoPInc's marketing framework to Imara Tech's Multi-Crop Thresher
By Elliot Avila, D-Lab Scale-Ups Fellow at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology
From getting it right to getting it sold
Written by Niek van Dijk, Inclusive Agribusiness Expert at BoP Innovation Center
Strengthening the capacities of consultants in Mozambique
Benjamin van der Hilst


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