Beryl Oyier

Beryl Oyier

Beryl is a research and development professional with a background in Social Anthropology.

She has facilitated various projects around gender issues including but not limited to monitoring and evaluation on development projects, facilitating community based information sharing and managing community development projects. These have been attained through a career spanning 7 years and gathering relevant experience in Qualitative methodologies. She has worked in different environments including urban, peri- urban and rural.

Beryl has a passion in projects that seek ways of empowering women especially in peri-urban and rural areas. This passion developed after working with sustainable development projects in different fields but not limited to: health, agriculture and energy. She aspires to continue attaining excellence in sustainable development work that impacts on gender issues.

She holds a Masters Degree in Anthropology and a Bachelors in Anthropology both from the University of Nairobi.

Managing Director East Africa

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