Luuk-Jan Boon

Luuk-Jan Boon

Luuk-Jan Boon is the incoming Managing Director of BoPInc, a specialist in innovative business development and supply chain management.

Luuk-Jan has 25 years of management experience at the crossroad of public/private partnerships - in the areas of agriculture, healthcare and international business development. Delivery of innovative projects such as

  • setting up the Sustainable Trade Academy in Mozambique
  • developing sustainable value chains of tropical fruits
  • supporting sustainable medical waste management with Ministry of Health in Rwanda
  • and implementing National Biogas Program in seven provinces of Vietnam and Artemisinin crop processing, for malaria-medication with Triodos-bank.

Luuk-Jan is an inventive pioneer and strategist, a co-creator with public/private partners aiming at large-scale impact. From 2012 to 2017, he was the Managing Director of i+solutions, specializing in pharmaceutical supply chain management for low and middle-income countries. He was also involved in the procurement of medicine for more than 60 countries. Offering consultancy services focusing on the fight against HIV/AIDS, Malaria and T.B. Supporting reproductive health activities through innovation, creativity and effective project execution. 

From 2008 until 2011 he was Director of TASTE (TA for Sustainable Trade and Environment) providing services to producers and retailers who wish to meet the increasing demand for sustainable fruit and vegetables. TASTE provides services in organisational, quality and technical development, access to finance, markets and supply chains.

Preveiously to this, Luuk-Jan worked for NUFFIC, The Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs, SNV-Netherlands Development Organization and Plan Nederland - in addition to consulting roles. He has lived and worked for nine years in Africa and three years in Asia. He has two Bachelors (Biochemistry and Medical Biology) and a Masters in Biology-Technology Policy.

Managing Director

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