Taco de Nies

Taco de Nies

Taco de Nies is a senior programme manager, specialized in business development and innovative finance structures. Taco is currently responsible for the programma management of BOMBA, AIAS and acts as deputy manager for PROOFS. Taco has more than 20 years of experience as an entrepreneur and board-level executive in the private sector on strategy, strategic service design, transformational change and bringing innovations to market in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Taco is inspired by leading and implementing concepts for extreme users, so called pro-poor innovations and is fascinated by trend that these innovations can and will be off global relevance. Rarely is there a single answer to a complex problem. Instead, he believes in an approach that helps spread a system of solutions.

His understanding of success at both a macro and micro level, and his ability to hone in on large strategic objectives while paying attention to details allows BoP Innovation Center to help organizations on initiating and scaling pro-poor innovation.

+31 (0)30 4100910

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