Amélia-Nora d’Almeida Houeto

Project Manager

Amélia is in charge of setting up a network for the distribution of nutritious food and hygiene products to low-income communities in rural Benin. The goal of this network is to create awareness of the importance of nutrition, hygiene and behavioral change. This network consists mainly of women.

With a Master of Science in Marketing and International Trade obtained in Senegal where she lived for 5 years, Amélia worked in the agri-food sector in Benin. She worked for eleven years in the country's main brewery and her role was to increase its visibility and influence their marketing activities. Amelia was also responsible for creating and developing the marketing and branding department of this brewery.

BoPInc is a great opportunity for Amélia because she will work to create awareness for better nutritional habits and access to nutritious products for the base of the pyramid population. Amélia aims to succeed in the pilot phase so that this project is sustainable and has a measurable impact on the Beninese population.