Hiwot Shimeles

Impact manager

Hiwot had her first degree in Business Management and studied marketing management in graduate school. After her studies she started working for the Ethiopian Agricultural Transformation Agency. In that role she was responsible for increasing export market knowledge of Farmer Cooperative Unions by linking them to potential buyers, coaching them on export procedures and business communications.

Hiwot also worked with the Ethiopian Trading Enterprise to build ‘ALLE’ – Ethiopia’s first wholesale cash-and-carry center, which aims at working closely with producers to distribute food and close-to-food products at competitive prices.

BoPInc was particularly interesting for Hiwot as the work involves empowering people at the BoP and engaging them in opportunities that will lead to increased awareness, income, job creations and also market access to high quality, nutritious and affordable products. She wants to ensure that the pilot becomes a success and an eye opener to other companies and similar endeavors, leading to further opportunities created for more entrepreneurs at the BoP.