Marc Orekan

Bop Marketing Specialist

Marc Orekan is a specialist in marketing and distribution, with an accumulated eight years of experience in sales and distribution both in a commercial company and in a non-governmental organization. Marc specific interest i in social marketing is the behavior change which is a fundamental element to improve the living conditions of the populations at the base of the pyramid.

Marc holds a master's degree in management science, option management of organizations from the Faculty of Economic Sciences and Management of the national University of Abomey-Calavi and a certificate in commercial management from the National School of Applied and Management Economy.

The dynamics of change operated by Bopinc for low-income populations through inclusive business, the empowerment of women and the implementation of new innovative business models for entrepreneurs appealed to Marc to join our team. More over, Bopinc's inclusive and participative strategy strengthens Marc's commitment to the well-being of low income populations.