Rutger Bults

Senior Project manager

Rutger is an experienced inclusive business developer and program manager. He started as the first employee of Bopinc and contributed to the growth of the organization. He left the organisation in 2013 to run his own enterprise.
Rutger is passionate about the combination between biodiversity and socio-economic development, and has made restoring Madagascar’s unique ecosystem his life goal. His company, Grounded Madagascar, cultivates and processes crops with a positive effect on soil quality and that can also be sold as botanical ingredients to cosmetics and food companies.

Next to an advisor role in his company, Rutger currently manages the BeniBiz program for the Bopinc and lectures at the University of Amsterdam in systems thinking and sustainable entrepreneurship.
Rutger also worked on increasing sales of solar lamps in East Africa for WakaWaka, co-developed a strategy to grow the Impact Hub network in Africa, and designed and facilitated the Business Model Challenge for the Impact Hub Amsterdam.

© Copyright 2021 Bopinc. All Rights Reserved.
© Copyright 2021 Bopinc. All Rights Reserved.