Sales tiger or not?
Emile Schmitz
Branding for Ethiopian vegetable farmers? Of course!
Nick van der Velde
The Inclusive Business Accelerator approach: Connecting IB ventures to expertise and capital
Niek van Dijk

Rural Spark micro-entrepreneur, photo credit: Rural Spark

Corporate Impact Venturing: A win-win situation at the BoP
Nicolas Chevrollier, Christina Gradl and Sarah Worthing

COLLINS staff member Mercinda is visiting her customers in Moamba to deliver the water bills

Digital water meter reading tech for improved consumer satisfaction
Gerwin Jansen
Inclusive Innovation - Part 3: The inclusive innovator DNA
Written by Nicolas Chevrollier
Looking for greener pastures: African youth and their future jobs
Marije Balt
How a farmers union in Ethiopia became profitable again
Hiwot Shemeles
Inclusive Innovation - Part 2: Context matters
Written by Gerwin Jansen
Inclusive Innovation - Part 1: From Idea to Impact
Written by Nicolas Chevrollier
“Investors have a real interest in these inclusive Vietnamese deals”
Written by Bertil van Vugt
The IB Academy: Towards a new generation of business leaders
Nicolas Chevrollier
Generating a business model
Nicolas Chevrollier

Delft University of Technology

The city of Delft – a beacon of creativity
Rachid Belkhir
Touch BASE with BoP experts in Mexico
Nicolas Chevrollier

Social Impact trade mission delegation

Deep dive in vibrant Kenyan startup scene brings opportunities to the surface
Written by Irmgard Jansen
Replicating Inclusive Business: Meet and Multiply!
Nicolas Chevrollier
Who Follows the Frontrunners? Women as Inclusive Business Partners
Finding Bangladesh’s Jamie Oliver
​This blog is written by Aline Krämer, founder and managing director of Endeva.
Innovation on Wheels: reimagining gender roles and nutrition in rural Bangladesh
It takes two to tango
Barbara Klemann
Inclusive Business frontrunners start South-South replication
Online bootcamp: The last mile challenge as a first opportunity
Nicolas Chevrollier
The scaling quest: Let’s unite to solve 5 key barriers!
Nicolas Chevrollier


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