What my 4 years old son taught me about Marketing to the BoP
Written by Emile Schmitz
2SCALE stories from the field: onions without tears
2SCALE stories from the field: sesame ready for takeof
2SCALE stories from the field: precision fertilizers
2SCALE stories from the field: chilly or hot
Bomba: excellent water provision for rural communities in Tanzania
Marleen Brouwer
Marketing essentials for targeting low-income consumers
Benjamin van der Hilst
Using insect protein for animal feed is groundbreaking
Written by Bertil van Vugt of
Recap – Scaling Inclusive Business Investments
Scaling Inclusive Business Investments
Irmgard Jansen
Dutch agrofood practices in Africa: match or mismatch?
Laurens Collée & Niek van Dijk
What is impact investing?
Irmgard Jansen
How female entrepreneurs improve nutrition and hygiene in rural communities in Bangladesh
Wendy van der Klein
BoP Food & Behaviour Sensing: collecting stories to discover what’s really on the minds of BoP consumers
Wendy van der Klein
How to create market demand for crickets in Uganda?
Helene Mancheron
Five ordinary street observations that say something about Vietnam’s innovation context
Benjamin van der Hilst
Can multinational corporations innovate in BoP markets?
Nicolas Chevrollier
Changing the world vs Candy Crush: the role of business schools
Nicolas Chevrollier
5 Steps to create inclusive business: The BoP Innovation Cycle
Nicolas Chevrollier
The road ahead for South Africa’s horticultural sector
Niek van Dijk
Nutrition doesn’t sell. Higher yields, better taste or earrings do!
Emile Schmitz
Co-creating BoP Ventures
Nicolas Chevrollier
A road map for serving the poor?
Nicolas Chevrollier
4 Insights from training farmers in Uganda
Helene Mancheron


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