Humble beginnings
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From one idea to over a decade of life-changing impact. Take a sneak peek into our Bopinc time capsule and leave behind your own hopes for the future!

Tracking our impact orbit

(our data from 2010 up to 2021)


Low-income consumers with access to improved products and services. Whether it’s more nutritious food, safe payment options, or renewable energy, we help create the dignified choices of tomorrow.


Entrepreneurs generating more income. The micro (and mighty) entrepreneurs who we have guided and trained. To improve their business efficiency, financial security and access to technology.


Companies supported to serve low-income markets. Organisations who have gained a deeper understanding of low-income markets, and connection to consumers they often struggle to engage.

Our Bopinc journey

Looking forward while looking back, Emile Schmitz, our Managing Director Global, reflects on our unique story and role. How Bopinc's novel and hands-on approach, combined with our core expertise and market knowledge, have helped us to become true low-income market innovators.

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Dive into our
time capsule

Time capsule

Over a decade of impact at the base of the pyramid. A few of our key moments and learnings along the way.

October 15, 2021
October 15, 2021

Humble beginnings

Let’s kick off the journey, right where it started.  Back in 2010, we had an ambition to innovate at the base of the economic pyramid, as a hands-on and collaborative organisation. From seven we became a global team of 74. From one project in Brazil, we’ve now worked in 31 countries across Africa, Asia and Latin America. And from the launch of one beneficial product, to over 150 different products and services.   More on our approach

May 6, 2022

Growing with purpose

Sometimes growth is accidental. For us however, we’ve always maintained a clear focus on where Bopinc should be. In the markets and sectors where we can have the most impact. Continuously improving and building our knowledge, rather than being everywhere all at once. We’ve used each step to test assumptions, to iterate and refine solutions. Ensuring that our products and services add real value. With more potential to apply learning globally, to scale and deliver more impact.   Mighty micros in Bangladesh

May 6, 2022

First big opportunity

For a small organisation, landing our first multi-country project was a pivotal moment. In 2011, we helped establish 2SCALE, which was (and still is) Africa’s largest incubator program accelerating inclusive agribusiness. Through 2SCALE’s private-public partnerships, we continue to help SMEs and farmer groups to produce, transform and supply quality food products to local and regional markets, including low-income consumers.  Marketing to the BoP

May 6, 2022

Learning when failing

With our partners we created the Inclusive Business Accelerator (IBA), to help scale the IB agenda through a platform with local consultancies. Regardless of its successes, we struggled to make the initiative sustainable after its inception. Insights from this ‘failed’ project have influenced our journey, and informed a revised approach to how we establish more sector-specific platforms, such as the Global Distributors Collective. An initiative we established with partners to support and advocate for the last mile distribution sector.   Global Distributors Collective

May 6, 2022

Share more, reach more

By bridging the gap between commercial and development sectors, we bring a unique perspective to delivering impact. We’ve always been committed to sharing our hard-earned insights with industry, with the ambition of further extending our impact. Our partnership with MIT’s D-Lab is a good example of our thought leadership. Where we helped guide leaders from diverse organisations, with aligned missions, to collaborate and develop best practices together. Check out the outcomes (plus more) on our resources page.   Insider insights

May 6, 2022

Getting to that first million

When is a number just a number? Well back in 2019 we managed to reach a mega number: one million low-income consumers with access to improved products and services. For Bopinc this was a big milestone. But a number is only a number, until you put it back in context. This meant we had helped communities to access cleaner water, to more nutritious food, to better lighting and more secure financial services. And our trajectory of impact has only grown, with quadruple the number of consumers reached to date.   The art of selling toilets

May 6, 2022

Embracing the digital

We love the potential of new technology to overcome barriers. Equally so, we love the potential of new ideas to leverage older technology. A good example of both is the uptake of mobile phones, smart and feature. By tapping into this, we’ve lowered the cost of communication, delivered training alternatives, accessed new data and insights – and provided more secure, accessible financial services. Many of our digital innovations have helped companies to develop, deliver, and scale important products and services.   Super satellites and geodata gems

May 6, 2022

Gender-smart know-how

By supporting women’s potential as entrepreneurs in value chains, and as consumers of beneficial products – we’ve helped boost economic productivity and growth in low-income markets. From our women’s agribusiness entrepreneurship track in Africa, to extensive work with Unilever increasing income of women sales agents across Asia and Africa, to partnering with UN Women to make entrepreneurship ecosystem players in Asia more gender inclusive and strengthen women-led businesses. We continue to deepen our knowledge and adapt our know-how.   Delve into our tools

May 6, 2022

Finding our true value

Our diverse team of global innovators and entrepreneurs are instrumental in the impact we have achieved so far. We’ve fine-tuned our value proposition over the years. We help our partners and clients by asking the right questions, by getting to the right insights and fostering the creative and inclusive spaces that inspire and lead to new ideas. We iterate and refine, until we find the right solution, right for low-income markets. Whether it’s more income, cleaner water, better food or light at night.   Meet the team

May 6, 2022

Testing our resilience

The end of our first decade, coincided with the start of a global pandemic. And although it tested us – our resilience to overcome the odds only grew stronger. We got creative and delivered impact to communities in ways that we’d never imagined before. As we look ahead, we’re inspired by the solutions of tomorrow. Whether its safety innovations for women by women, rethinking gig economy platforms, or viable alternatives to the sachet economy. We hope you share your own hopes for the future in our form below.   Highlights video

May 6, 2022






October 13, 2021

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