Through the power of entrepreneurship we make things work

Turning every idea upside down and inside out, until its right for low-income markets. Read on for more on our approach and philosophy.

Five rules

How we work

In all our projects, these five rules guide our work.

Always put the
consumer first

Be local and

Be innovative
and agile

Make partners
dance together

Ensure a
business case

Double diamond

Four phases to help
our projects shine

Low-income markets are often described as volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA). This is why we use the Double Diamond approach to test any assumptions, and structure our activities into key phases, From the discovery of an initial idea leveraging deep consumer insights, to the realisation of a prototype and pilot, followed by a full launch with a solid implementation plan.
Five checks

Innovation approach

We use these five checks to validate our projects.

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The Low-How

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Where we share our know-how on low-income markets

Our role

The three different roles we play

Every project is different, and at different stages we play different roles.


We uncover insights from our work and share best practices and innovations sourced globally.


We co-create new ideas, models and tools, and prototype and test these in the field.


We ensure partners collaborate well by aligning objectives, accelerating delivery and unlocking co-funding.

Playing field

Bridging the gap

We are a dynamic team who bring private sector solutions to development challenges. We speak both languages and leverage this to deliver deeper impact. We approach every challenge as an opportunity, and seek out or create new business solutions.