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Just because you’re an expert, doesn’t mean you have to be boring. We’re serious about our work, but making it fun, well that’s an important part of the process!

About us

At Bopinc, we connect low-income consumers with the dignified choices of tomorrow

We believe the best products should be available, where they matter most. Fulfilling aspirations and needs is key. Through the power of entrepreneurship, every new idea is turned upside down and inside out. Until we find the right innovation, right for low-income communities.

From startups to multinationals, we help organisations to design and deliver inclusive, commercially viable business models.
Our diverse team of global innovators and entrepreneurs, bridge the gap between private and development sectors.

To influence trillions of small purchasing decisions, our approach is simple. Through early consumer engagement, we discover and design the products people want. Through novel distribution models, we get these products to the consumer. And through creative behavioural change, we generate the pull, essential for driving product demand.

A series of intricate steps, leading to real impact for the Base of the Pyramid. Whether it’s more income, cleaner water, better food or light at night. We know how to do good, while doing well, in a market of more than four billion low-income consumers.

Join us on our journey

We’re always looking for talented professionals to join our team of do-ers and thinkers.


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