D2D Pro

Increasing the income of door-to-door female sales agents

Door-to-Door (D2D) Pro aims to increase income through the introduction of impact durables, such as solar lamps, and digital financial services to the agents' current basket of fast-moving consumer goods.


Greenlight Planet


Marketing and distribution
Gender and diversity


Renewable energy and efficiency




2018 to 2020

Opportunities for women sales agents

Many women FMCG sales networks struggle with providing enough income opportunities for the sales agents. This leads to high levels of attrition and threatens overall viability and scalability of the model. At the same time there are many suppliers of impact durables and digital financial services that struggle with distribution of their products. D2D Pro aims to develop a plug-and-play modality for women FMCG sales networks to sell impact durables, like solar lights, clean cookstoves and water filters, in combination with digital financial services.

Alongside our partners, Greenlight Planet, Angaza and Innovectives we digitalised the pay-as-you-go payment collection system. In addition we proved the efficacy of our concept, developed a thriving network in Osun and successfully replicated the model in Ogun.


Active sales network in two states, reaching thousands of consumers

60 agents active

Selling durables and other products

4,000 consumers bought solar systems

And have access to renewable energy

I definitely don’t regret working with D2D Pro. I learned how to approach strangers and make sales. Next month, I want to sell five solar lamps by exhibiting at the market and my loan cooperative. I will also place a Solar Lights & Cookstoves poster.

Mrs Abioye | D2D Pro sales agent
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Mercy Mayaki
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Project milestones


Collect insights on key challenges


Design services to address challenges


Launch marketing campaign to boost sales


Evaluate and plan for scale



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