Lighting the last mile

Development of a training platform for managers and sales agents of last-mile distributors

A combination of online and offline training options focused on making sector specific knowledge, tools and global best practices available.


ResilientAfrica Network
Global Distributor's Collective


Marketing and distribution
Business model innovation
Digital innovation


Renewable energy




2020 to 2021

Bridging skills gap for last mile distributors

The 200 members of the Global Distributor’s Collective have reached over 33 million households. They are a key partner in serving low-income communities globally. Agent recruitment and training however is a major cost for many of these organisations. As is ensuring sales levels are high enough for agents to remain interested.

The GDC training platform, ‘Lighting the last mile’, addresses these concerns by making relevant and affordable training available.


Affordable training to improve business KPIs around agent retention, training cost and sales

40 Last-mile distributors supported

With training on manager and agent level

2,000 agents with improved sales skills

And additional income

Thorough and unified training

The training platform brings together content that so far has been spread out across training providers and other actors in the sector. It will combine the latest expertise on last mile distribution with courses on management skills.












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Beryl Oyier
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Project milestones


Needs assessment based on extensive existing training experience in the sector.


Training journey design and content development


Three cohorts will run through the full training program


Develop viable business plan to maintain the training platform



More about the GDC

The Global Distributors Collective (GDC) is a collective of last mile distributors around the world. We are dedicated to supporting and representing last mile distribution companies to help them reach unserved customers with life-changing products, and to developing the last mile distribution sector as a whole.

LMD - State of the Sector report

Based on a survey of 72 GDC members from 30+ countries, as well as a series of expert interviews, this first-of-its-kind report highlights the vital role of last mile distributors (LMDs) in creating markets for beneficial products and effectively reaching last mile customers.