Unilever Digitising Shakti

Driving last-mile digital payments for Hindustan Unilever’s Shakti Entrepreneurs in India

Creating a digital behavioural change campaign to encourage adoption of digital payment.


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Inclusive Business Empowerment
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2019 to 2021

Opportunities in digital payments

Everyday billions of cash is transacted physically in low-income markets. These cash payments are associated with lack of transparency, accountability and security. In addition people who carry out these transactions are part of the approximately two billion people who have no access to the formal financial sector.

Adopting digital payments has the potential of aiding billions accessing the financial sector and thus exploit a variety of appropriate and affordable financial services to help them save safely, take advantage of economic opportunities and reduce their vulnerability to risk. This would greatly improve the lives of low-income people, especially women, while giving governments, the development community and the private sector a more transparent, time and cost efficient, and often safer means of making and receiving payments.

Quoted from BTCA website

Increased efficiency and reduced risk for last-mile entrepreneurs

Supported Unilever

In developing onboarding tools and strategy

10,000 agents trained

And capable of making digital payments

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Project milestones


Insights research on needs of Shakti entrepreneurs


Define: Pilot and design of onboarding training


Develop: Finalise design & onboarding material


Deliver: Roll-out to 10,000 entrepreneurs



Responsible Digitization of Small Entrepreneurs in Rural India

Lessons from digitizing the Hindustan Unilever Shakti channel