Asif Mahmood Abbas

Marketing and distribution Manager

Asif wants to develop a long-term career in Business Intelligence, Strategy and Innovation, where he can merge Creativity and Innovation in Marketing and Distribution that empowers people and adds value to their lives.Asif has previously worked as the Partnership Development & Creative Specialist at mPower which operates in 9 countries and has a client base of more than 30 Donors and INGO gave him a great platform to learn by experience. He worked for the Business Development Coordination, Procurement, Social Media Management Teams. He made several Websites, Infographics, UI/UX mockups for Mobile and Web Apps.

Asif is at the moment pursuing MS in Economics at North South University where he is focusing in econometrics and international economics. He also holds an MBA specializing in marketing from the University of Dhaka. These are complemented by a bachelor of science degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering degree from North South University in addition to a Professional Certificate Master’s Degree from IBA of the University of Dhaka, where he was awarded three Distinctions.