Lotte-Marie Brouwer

Gender and Diversity Lead

Lotte-Marie believes women entrepreneurs will thrive when gender inclusion is made practical for everyone in the entrepreneurship ecosystem. Whether a micro-entrepreneur selling sanitary pads door-to-door in rural Bangladesh or leading a high-growth agro-processing company in Kenya, she believes women entrepreneurs ignite positive change on a family, community, and national level.
As the Gender and Diversity Lead of Bopinc, Lotte-Marie helps to ensure that our entrepreneurship programs, innovative products and services and related business models benefit everyone. In this role, she for example set up the Aya women’s entrepreneurship track in 2SCALE which is running in seven African countries, she co-created the WE Rise Program together with UN Women in addition to testing how care entrepreneurship can offer child care solutions to low-income families and she supported Climate-KIC in developing the WeClim Equally gender-smart handbook offering guidance to climate accelerators to integrate a gender perspective into their entrepreneurship programs.
With her Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration and her Master's Degree in International Development Studies, she combines her pragmatic, problem-solving skills gained in the corporate world with an understanding of complex social and cultural systems when it comes to development challenges.
She is currently a PhD candidate and conducting research in gender and entrepreneurship among agri-businesswomen in Kenya and is linked to Utrecht University in the Netherlands.