Muhammad Harunur Rashid

Managing Director Bangladesh

Harun is a seasoned entrepreneur and consultant with an extensive 24-year background in both the private and development sectors, specializing in agriculture, new business development, and project management.

Demonstrating a resolute and innovative approach coupled with a strong entrepreneurial spirit, he co-founded Just Farming, an agro-based startup. Collaborating with two partners, the venture successfully engaged small agricultural producers, ensuring the delivery of quality products demanded by national and international retail chains and processors.

In his prior role as the Country Representative for CottonConnect in Dhaka, Bangladesh, he played a pivotal role in establishing and growing the operations of the Bangladesh branch. He led the country program, offering strategic vision and comprehensive technical direction to the team. Harun's leadership was instrumental in building professional relationships and effectively navigating challenges.

Driven by a fervent passion for reducing inequality and fostering universal respect, he seamlessly integrates new information into ongoing projects. His adept networking skills and ability to manage partners underscore his effectiveness in overcoming obstacles. His strategic planning acumen and proven ability to navigate complex landscapes position him as a key driver in advancing the growth agenda.