Rolph Droste

Circularity and Regeneration Lead

Rolph supports Bopinc in marketing and distribution innovation. Being used to working from the outside in, his focus is on market research, the development of relevant concepts and new marketing strategies.
Rolph holds a master’s degree in sociology of consumption from the University of Amsterdam and a bachelor’s degree in international development sociology from the VU university. Although he likes to combine experiences from different areas, the bulk of his professional career has evolved around food businesses and social entrepreneurship. He worked as a market researcher, concept developer and consultant for various companies ranging from start-ups to multinationals.

Rolph was involved hands-on in several BoP projects in Southern Africa. He worked as a development worker, initiated an informal network of small-scaled tourism ventures, consulted on social security strategies for farmers and consulted European firms on introducing new food concepts at the BoP.
Rolph strongly believes in the value of meaningful partnerships that are based on shared human values combined with business sense. He intends to identify and articulate the specific potential that exists at the BoP, and uncover ways to co-create value for everyone involved.