Stephanie Mwakuni

Digital Content Specialist

As an experienced Digital Content Specialist with five years of Pan-African communications and digital marketing experience, she specializes in using digital strategies and content creation for strategic growth and social impact in Sub-Saharan Africa. Her focus lies on increasing business visibility while encouraging positive behavioral changes.

Stephanie possesses an in-depth knowledge of Africa's geopolitical and economic landscapes, which enables her to lead clients effectively through its complex marketing environment. She is well known for her strategic planning abilities, adept campaign management techniques, and engaging stakeholder interactions.

Stephanie earned both a Bachelor of Arts and Master of Science degrees in Marketing from Loughborough University, in addition to receiving Level 6 certification for Digital Customer Experience and Innovation Marketing by the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM).

Passionate about using data-led strategies to drive business growth while supporting sustainable development and positive societal changes, she finds creative ways to integrate data into her strategies.