Tessa Fij

Impact manager

Tessa is a versatile project manager. She first joined the Bopinc team as a graduate student before being promoted to her current position. Tessa has master's degree in Design for Interaction from the Delft University of Technology. For her graduation project Tessa developed a communication strategy for a specific case for the Innovations Against Poverty Project. Prior to Bopinc, Tessa completed her bachelor in Industrial Design at the University of Twente with a project focused on the BoP. She worked on the design of a purifying water point for Susteq.

Tessa believes in the importance of cross cultural understanding of the designer/marketeer while working on projects for end users with an indifferent background. She aims to spread this interest across development projects in the BoP. This understanding is needed in order to create a better fitting product/marketing strategy.