Dimensions of opportunity

Women Entrepreneurship

Bopinc boosts economic productivity and growth in low-income markets by unleashing women’s potential as entrepreneurs in value chains and consumers of beneficial products and services.

A business opportunity that will change the lives of millions

Women sales agents are known to be more trusted and convincing for consumers in low-income markets, especially when related to beneficial products that improve a family's quality of life.

Further to this, there are also opportunities in value chains to leverage the role of women as entrepreneurs, as they already play (often unpaid) roles - to contribute to work, such as processing of food and the ownership of piped water systems.

In addition, many women-led SMEs in relevant sectors can contribute to local economic growth and wider availability of essential products and services.

Core expertise

How we go about Women Entrepreneurship


We support innovation of products for women based on gender-smart insights and co-created business cases.

and Distribution

Bring women into value chains as agents and entrepreneurs to reach low-income consumers.

Inclusive Business Empowerment

Gender focused training and inclusion tools for (micro) entrepreneurs, retailers and accelerators.

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Getting more entrepreneurial

Lotte-Marie and Hiwot are our Women Entrepreneurship leads, get in touch!

Lotte-Marie Brouwer
Hiwot Shimeles

Our work on Women Entrepreneurship


DANIDA | Arla Foods

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She Shares - WeIgnite Booster Myanmar

Webinar with Bopinc and One to Watch

Aya - Five strategies for women to succeed in agribusiness

2SCALE Webinar by Bopinc

WeIgnite Toolkit for Accelerators: Gender-smart outreach event

A step-by-step guide for accelerators to organise a gender-smart outreach event and engage women entrepreneurs

WeIgnite Toolkit for Accelerators: Taking control and letting go

A tool to make it easier for entrepreneurs to manage their stress and time

Value add

We help push innovations for the circular economy

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Project ideas

Explore Women
Entrepreneurship with us

We’re looking for companies that are keen to explore what Women Entrepreneurship could mean to their business. A few project ideas we are eager to pick up.

Women for women innovation challenge

Encourage innovation and commercialisation of women-focused products.

Table banking for entrepreneurs

Provide affordable finance to smaller entrepreneurs through community banking

Connect female entrepreneurs

Worldwide platform for women entrepreneurs in low-income markets