Dimensions of opportunity

Circularity and regeneration

Bopinc strengthens resilience of low-income markets. We bring together stakeholders to turn ideas into new business solutions that will ultimately increase revenue, interaction with consumers and stimulate innovation.

A business opportunity that will change the lives of millions

The additional burden of small packages and electronics on the planet is significant. This means we need to take circularity into account when serving low-income markets.

We can approach this from different angles. During our innovation process we take the use of sustainable materials into consideration and make it easy to reuse or recycle materials used. At the end of life stage of a product we also look at efficient ways of waste disposal.

Bopinc also works in waste value chains with last-mile waste pickers to ensure no package is left behind.

Core expertise

How we go about circularity and regeneration

Product and
service design

We design out waste by turning ‘waste’ into new business, and enabling repairability, recyclability and overall durability.

and distribution

We create loops for goods, and drive sustainable consumer behaviour that supports circular value chains and business models.

Business model

We help design, iterate and (re)organise business models that allow for a circular serving of low-income communities (for example, product-as-a-service or sharing economy - plus more)

Connect with us

Loop us in on your circular and regenerative endeavours

Rolph is our circularity and regeneration lead, and looks forward
to hearing from you.

Rolph Droste

Our work on the circularity and regeneration

Folia Water

Technoserve | Sweet Bénin

WSUP | Transform



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Value add

We help push innovations for the circular economy

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Project ideas

Explore circularity and regeneration with us

We’re looking for companies that are keen to explore what circularity and regeneration could mean to their business. A few project ideas we are eager to pick up.

Extending product lifetimes with 3D-printing

A 3D-printing facility that allows solar and other electronics companies to print replacement parts locally.

Market-based groundwater conservation

A network of aquifers with water level sensors that automatically adapt the prices of water, incentivising communities to collect from
lesser depleted sources.

Electrifying market vendors

Umbrella with an integrated solar-panel allows street vendors to light their business during the night and provide mobile charging services.