Dimensions of opportunity

Digital innovation

Bopinc leverages increased connectivity and mobile phone usage to drive demand and behavioural change at the last mile. The technology is also leveraged to make supply chains more efficient.

A business opportunity that will change the lives of millions

Adoption of smartphones and an ever increasing reach of mobile internet is connecting most consumers with social media and apps. Offline products and services can now be augmented by online data and information that can provide a more comprehensive service. For example with real time recommendations on farming practices or tracking water use.

This is also a big opportunity to reach our target group with digital campaigns that can strengthen more traditional demand creation and behavioral change campaigns. It also creates new ways of interacting with consumers through new technologies such as chatbots.

The increase of technology use also provides interesting opportunities for platforms of last-mail sales agents and retail networks. These platforms can provide a wide array of services from ordering to product promotion to training.

Core expertise

How we go about
digital innovation

Product and
service design

We support entrepreneurs in designing and prototyping new digital services, based on how consumers want to interact with them.

and Distribution

We combine offline interventions with new digital approaches, such as e-commerce, loyalty schemes, and chatbots for after-sales support.

Business model

We use engaging mobile-learning platforms to train and support producers, retailers and micro-enterprises in low-income markets on business and entrepreneurial skills.

Connect with us

Power up with digital

Asif is our go-to for digital innovation and he would be happy to hear from you.

Asif Mahmood Abbas

Our work on digital innovation

USAID | Global Distributor's Collective

UKaid | The DaNa Facility

Netherlands Space Office



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Value add

We help push innovations for the circular economy

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Project ideas

Explore digital innovation with us

We’re looking for companies that are keen to explore what digital innovation could mean to their business. A few project ideas we are eager to pick up.

Nutrition based pricing

A smartphone-based nutrition scanner that allows consumer to choose healthy and safe products.

A smallholder genie

A flying voice-controlled assistant for smallholder farmers that keeps track of their land.

Getting rural communities online

Mobile wifi-hotspot or sales agent provides rural communities with online access - after watching nutritious or health product advertising.