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Financial Inclusion

Bopinc enables entrepreneurs to access and use services that improve their financial capacity, better meets their basic needs, builds resilience and leverages opportunities.

A business opportunity that will change the lives of millions

Cash is king in last-mile value chains. This creates a big risk and a huge administrative burden. A switch to digital financial inclusion can lighten the load for companies, distributors and retailers serving low-income consumers. Through financial inclusion serving these last-mile consumers will become more affordable.

With retailers and last-mile sales agents having access to digital financial solutions, they will also make it easier for consumers to access similar products and services. This can include for example digital payments, credit and insurance.

We also look at the gender finance gap and finance available for women-led enterprises. Addressing this crucial barrier will unlock the potential of many companies that bring beneficial products to our target group.

Core expertise

How we go about Financial Inclusion


We work with partners to develop financial products that support demand for beneficial products and services in low-income markets.

and Distribution

We ensure usage and adoption of digital financial solutions among retailers and other essential value chain actors.

Inclusive Business Empowerment

We enhance financial literacy and understanding of new financial products and services that are introduced.

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Get financially inclusive

Nick is our Financial Inclusion leads at Bopinc and is happy to hear from you.

Nick van der Velde

Our work on Financial Inclusion

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Project ideas

Explore Financial Inclusion with us

We’re looking for companies that are keen to explore what financial inclusion could mean to their business. A few project ideas we are eager to pick up.

Streamline cash flow at last-mile

Effective cash-in-cash-out models at the last-mile.

One-stop shop for merchants

Platform offering one-stop shop basket of financial solutions to merchants.

Merchants as branches

Equipping merchants as bank branches’ at the last-mile.